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The Real Pilates Classical Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 30-week program. this one-of-a-kind program is designed to develop your ability to be a teacher, coach and guide for Pilates students. Our approach will set you up for success with a career as a professional instructor. 

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The Program includes

4 Weekend Seminars lead by REAL PILATES teacher trainers

Weekly homework and discussions

Online learning platform

Access to Studio for Practice Teaching

Observation Opportunities

Unlimited Group Classes

Weekly Private Sessions

Weekly Duet Sessions

Monthly Meetings

Assessment Exams

Assistant Teaching

Paid Teaching Opportunities

Announcing 2019 Teacher Training Seminar Dates

coming soon!

All seminars are scheduled from 1PM - 7PM (Fri-Sat) and 9am - 3pm (Sun)

Program Requirements  

In order to begin the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program, applicants must demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in the classical Pilates repertoire. Generally, most successful candidates have been practicing Pilates for a minimum of 50 to 100 hours before entering the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program. We are looking for the next generation of Real Pilates instructors who may be invited to work with our team upon graduation. Applicants must complete a minimum of 30 sessions at empowered body or demonstrate proficiency in their assessment and interview. Additionally, an applicant should also be able to commit to a minimum of 20 hours per week to be in the studio for their apprenticeship, four weekend seminars, and the required test outs. Final test out must be done at Real Pilates in NYC.


Comprehensive Teacher Training

Payment Plan Option – Autopay

1st Payment: $500 (Due upon acceptance with contract)

2nd Payment: $1,710.00 (Autopay two (2) weeks before First Weekend Seminar)

3rd Payment: $1,710.00 (Autopay two (2) weeks before Second Weekend Seminar)

4th Payment: $1,710.00 (Autopay two (2) weeks before Third Weekend Seminar)
RP Tuition: $5,630

Mandatory Training Fees: Weekly Training Package for the duration of the 30 weeks (includes 30 Private Sessions & 30 Duet Sessions) – $3600. Payment plans for training fees are available.

* 30-Day Cancellation Policy Applies


Empowered body is proud to be the exclusive northern california training facility OF THE REAL PILATES TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM. 

 for more information about the progrm please contact  NICOLE GRAND : INFO@EMPOWEREDBODYPILATES.COM