Welcome to Empowered Body Pilates; a boutique movement studio located at 223 Second Street in the heart of historic Downtown Los Altos. Empowered Body offers both  Private  and group class  instruction in the Classical Pilates method. We are dedicated to the preservation of the work of Joseph Pilates and how it can be applied to our clients daily life.  Instruction in GYROTONIC® and the GYROKINESIS® methods are also offer in Private format only. 

Empower the MIND; unleash the BODY.

We at Empowered Body strive to provide our clients with the highest caliber of teaching. Small group classes ensure each client will receive personalized attention and workouts tailored to their personal needs. 


Class offerings

Equipment Class

Strength with Springs and Reform S4 are designed for the client who enjoys working with resistance.The use of spring tension challenges the stability of the body, develops lean muscle tone, and improves balance.  Strength with Springs is  limited to 6 participants and Reform S4 is limited to 4. 

Pilates Mat 

The heart and soul of the Pilates method! Learn the REAL mat the Mat that Joe invented himself and has sparked an entire fitness revolution. Work the body in all  planes of motion with nothing but your own body weight and gravity.  Classes is limited to 6 participants.

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Private Sessions

Experience Pilates as the system it was designed to be. Utilizing all pieces of Pilates equipment, Each 55-minute session is tailored specifically for the client to address personal fitness goals, manage pain, or build a deeper knowledge of Pilates. 


A movement system that will leaving you feeling like you've just spent the day at a spa. Decompress joints, increase mobility while developing stability. A wonderful system for those struggling with chronic pain or individuals who love understanding the nuances of their body.