Empowered Body Pilates is a boutique movement studio located in the heart of Downtown Los Altos. We offer both small group and private sessions using the Classical Pilates Method. We are dedicated to the preservation of the work of Joseph Pilates and how it can be applied to our clients' daily life.

Nicole Grand

Studio Owner/ Instructor


From Toe Shoes to Teasers...

A self-proclaimed movement fiend, Nicole found Pilates over a decade ago while dancing for  the internationally recognized San Francisco Ballet. During her time with SFB, Nicole used Pilates as her primary form of cross training, learning the importance of a strong, stable core and  how it could enhance her dancing abilities.

With the support of her Pilates mentor Allison Gonzales, Nicole became certified as a Classical Instructor in 2011 by Power Pilates of New York, and became a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates in 2015. Nicole has had the opportunity to teach and mentor future instructors, and is  passionate about educating the theory behind the method. She attends continuing education seminars regularly to deepen her teaching skills and understanding of the Joseph Pilates method. 

In 2014 Nicole began studying the GYROTONIC® METHOD with master trainer Kathy Van Patten. Nicole is now a Level 1  AND 2 Certified Instructor and continues to delve deeper into the many benefits that the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM and  GYROKINEISIS® EXERCISE.

Nicole is passionate about helping her clients acheive their vision of wellness and tenacious in her mission. From the triathlete to the senior citizen just looking to feel good in daily life; Nicole truly believes that Pilates is for everyone. 

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Beverly Gomez- Schumacher

Certified Pilates Instructor 

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EBP promotion - PUrchase this special for yourself or send to a friend. 

Born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii, Beverly grew up dancing ballet, jazz, hula and surfing.  An avid, lifelong sports enthusiast, who decided to follow her dream into the health and fitness arena, after a career in the marketing and public relations fields.  It was a yoga injury, that brought her to Pilates and it was love at first site.

Beverly obtained her first Pilates Teacher Training Certificate in Spanish in Mexico City, Mexico.  After, which she sat for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) exam and became a certified Pilates teacher.

Beverly chose to deepen her Pilates studies under the tutelage of Alycea Ungaro (student of Romana Kryzanowska) and received her second Pilates Teacher Training Certificate in Classical Pilates with Alycea at Real Pilates New York.  It was through the Real Pilates New York program that Beverly fully began to comprehend the beauty, logic and grace of the Classical Pilates style as Joseph Pilates intended.  Having worked many years in the corporate arena, she clearly understands the demands of full-time employment and how Pilates benefits the mind and body, as well as increases not only overall health, but also, work productivity.

Through her studies with UCLA and their Fitness Instructor Certificate Program, Beverly has a distinctive understanding of the body that she pairs with a passion for movement in individuals of all varieties.  Additionally, she a holds Pilates Mat Certification from Equinox San Francisco and is a member of American Council on Exercise (ACE), IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the Authentic Pilates Union, American College of Sports Medicine and the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

When she isn't in the studio she can be found running, running after her family, stand-up paddle boarding or studying anatomy and kinesiology literature. To learn more aout Beverly visit: www.thepilatesmission.com