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Outfit? Check! Sticky socks? Check! Now what!!!? CLASSES OR PRIVATES? That is the question.

One of the most common questions I am asked by new clients is “ How many times a week should I take Pilates?” It’s one of the most painful questions to answer as a business owner and instructor because the last thing I want to do is sound like I am trying to upsell sessions. Being the sassy individual that I am at this point in the conversation I’m thinking: “how many times a week do you shower?” You might be smirking about now, but hear me out.

Taking Pilates is like learning a new alphabet for the body. Remember when you got your first pair of roller skates, skis or bicycle? How much time did spend trying to be proficient? If you were excited about it, ENDLESS HOURS! It’s time to find that childish enthusiasm again.


Ultimately you are training your body for ANYTHING! It could be as simple as walking down the street pain-free, increasing balance and strength for a sport, or just wanting to look AND FEEL good for that special event you’ve got coming up. Regardless of your motivation, reaching a goal takes time and consistency. Did you read the word CONSISTENCY?

I tell new clients that they should be in the studio at least twice a week for 5 weeks, and like good ole Joe I recommend 5 private sessions to begin. “Why?” Have you ever gone into that dance class or aerobics class and been that person going the opposite direction as the rest of the class? Did you find yourself wishing the teacher would “just slow down!”? ME TOO! That's why a series of privates is ALWAYS helpful. Additionally, it’s going to take 5 sessions for you to decide if you even like this thing called Pilates. AND FOR THE RECORD, I HATED PILATES FOR THE FIST 6 MONTHS I DID IT. BUT I KNEW FROM THE VERY FIRST LESSON, THERE WAS SOMETHING OF IMPORTANCE TO BE LEARNED.

Assuming you didn't run away in horror after the first class, 5 sessions will give you and the teacher time to zero in on specific ideas your body needs to focus on, learn modifications you could need temporarily, address specific weaknesses or answer burning questions that might have popped up in that one class you took 3 years ago. YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE PRIVATE SESSIONS FOREVER! You’re more than welcome to, but if you're a healthy person, 5 sessions to start, transitioning into 1-2 group classes a week is great! Toss in the occasional private session once/twice a month and you’ve got the perfect practice!

Now, let's talk about the dreaded group clasS… Scared? Don't be! At EPB, we ONLY TAKE 4 CLIENTS IN AN EQUIPMENT BASED CLASS AND 6 IN A MAT CLASS. As a teacher, I want to be able to get around to every client physically, verbally, and visually. You paid to be in class, don’t you want to me pay attention to you? If not….oh boy! I’m going to drive you nuts.

Hopefully, if I’m doing my job well, the 55 minutes we spend together should fly! You should be thinking hard, working hard, hating me a little, and above all laughing inside and out! If you're not, well, I’d better up my corny joke game!

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner needing to spice up your practice, or a Pilates newbie navigating the waters FOR THE FIRST TIME, I highly recommend the exploring both the group and private session forma FOR A WELL ROUNDED PRACTICE.